In Mexico, the supervisory authority “Consejo Regulador del Tequila” (CRT) is the guardian of genuine tequila. Padre azul meets all of the conditions and can display the sought-after quality seal on its bottle. Tequila is a protected mark of origin. Only distillates of blue agave, from certain cultivation areas in Mexico can call themselves tequila. Padre azul is made in the federal state of Jalisco following Mexican tradition and it is a genuine premium tequila.

The raw material

100% agave

Blue agave is one of 400 types of agave and the best for making tequila. The plants find the optimum conditions to flourish especially in Jalisco in the Mexican highlands, where a hot, dry climate prevails. At harvest time, the blue agave is released from its spiky leaves so that only the heart, the piña, as the Mexicans say, is left. Only after eight years of maturation can they be processed into premium tequila to give Padre azul its unique flavour.

For Padre azul, we distil the agave at a relatively low temperature so that we don’t burn off the sugar. This gives our tequila its mellow aftertaste.

Alberto Partida Plascencia

The design

100 % handmade

You won’t find any compromises in the design of the unusual “Padre azul” bottles either. They are hand-made and feature a 270 gram skull that creatively picks up on Mexico’s death’s head culture. Only the best is good enough for Padre Azul, outside and in. This makes the normal bottle something unique. The leather jacket with lacing gives the bottles a particularly “rock” look.