No compromises

Nothing is too good when it comes to our product. Every detail of Padre azul bottles has a meaning - whether it is the skull, as a homage to Día de los Muertos, the binding on the back of the leather jacket, which is borrowed from the “El Santo” mask of the Mexican wrestler, or even the name itself - “que padre” is an expression of excitement and “azul” refers to Weber’s Blue Agave, from which genuine tequila has to be made at 100%.

The producers

Behind Padre azul are friends who all have one thing in common: their passion for Mexico. We appreciate good-quality tequila and are bringing an exclusive product to Europe in the form of Padre azul. We looked for the perfect distillery in Mexico for a long time and we found it at Tres Mujeres in Jalisco in the Mexican highlands.

Brand ambassador

Stefan Kretzschmar is one of Germany’s most successful handball players. Since his retirement, he has been working as a TV expert and he is now also the brand ambassador for Padre azul. Along with the striking design, he was mainly convinced by the incomparable taste of Padre azul. Until then Kretzschmar was not a tequila drinker. But that has definitely changed!